• hot rolled steel pipe

    hot rolled steel pipe

    HOT ROLLED STEEL PIPE ERW (stretch reduction) Steel Pipe is made of high-quality coiled steel. The steel is cut lengthways after re-examination and then to be shaped to pipe automatically. Cleaning out burrs inside and outside of the pipe, while the computer controls the best melting temperature,...
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  • Honed steel tube

    Honed steel tube

    Honed steel tube is a high- precision steel material by cold drawn or hot rolling process treatment. Because of the precision steel tube inside and outside wall without oxidation layer, under high pressure without leakage, high precision, high finish, cold bending deformation, flaring, flattening...
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  • Difference between thread pipe and spiral pipe

    Difference between thread pipe and spiral pipe

    Thread pipe and spiral pipe are one of welded steel pipe, but both there are essential differences. The form of thread pipe present in the tube end, the majority of the connection tube is used. Particularly in the pipe connections are optional steel pipe, which can be more secure. Thread pipe is ...
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  • ERW pipe welding

    ERW pipe welding

    So-called high-frequency, as opposed to the AC current frequency 50Hz, generally refers to 50KHz ~ 400KHz high frequency current. High-frequency current through the metal conductor will produce two kinds of strange effects: skin effect and proximity effect, high frequency welding pipe(erw pipe) w...
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  • Galvanized welded steel pipe

    Galvanized welded steel pipe

    Galvanized welded steel pipe is welded steel pipe, which is the pickling after the zinc in galvanized steel galvanized pool. Production processes of galvanized welded steel pipe is coated welding process that first hot-dip galvanized and hot-rolled steel, then galvanized steel coil slitting galva...
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  • Defects of hot dip galvanized pipe

    Defects of hot dip galvanized pipe

    Defects of hot dip galvanized pipe In the production process and packaging process of hot dip galvanized, the appearance of hot dip galvanized steel strip and steel plate may occur following defects. The excess liquid zinc from galvanized pot on the strip surface, which excess liquid zinc air kni...
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  • Consequences of seamless steel pipe friction

    Consequences of seamless steel pipe friction

    In the plastic deformation process of seamless steel pipe, the presence of friction is very negative and harmful consequences arising mainly as follows: 1) the presence of the steel pipe to change the distribution of frictional force when deformed, thereby causing the uneven distribution of stres...
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  • Classfication of seamless pipe

    Classfication of seamless pipe

    According to the manufacturing process,seamless pipe can be divided into hot-rolled seamless steel tubes and cold-drawn seamless steel pipe two kinds. Cold drawn tube is also divided into circular pipe and shaped pipe. Seamless steel tubes is divided into the following categories because of diffe...
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  • Constructive Spiral welded steel pipe

    Constructive Spiral welded steel pipe

    Spiral-welded steel pipe through 144 inches (3600 mm), in accordance with the requirements of AWWA C200, ASTM A139, and ASTM A252 Wall thicknesses through one inch Allowable yield strengths up to 70,000 psi Fittings and fabrications to support nearly unlimited joint or body configuration Field-we...
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