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  • Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe

    Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe

    Polyethylene coated steel pipe is the base pipe through a special process, the outer surface coated with a special polyethylene plastic powder materials in the tube prepared with antistatic, flame retardant, anticorrosive properties of composite products, overcome the steel itself are easy to rus...
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  • Pressure pipe wall thickness select and stress

    Pressure pipe wall thickness select and stress

    It is the most basic and common problem to choose the wall thickness for pressure pipe. but in the actual design process is very confusing, often messed SCH table, not through calculus free to apply some manual data phenomenon empirically estimate , as well as the pipe wall thickness, the bigger ...
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  • Pipe bender

    Pipe bender

    Pipe bender can be divided into CNC bending machine, hydraulic pipe bender, and so on. Mainly used in power and construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other aspects of the pipeline and build, with a multi-function, reasonable structure, easy ...
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  • Piling pipe production process

    Piling pipe production process

    Spiral Pipe is a strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion molding, automatic double wire-sided submerged arc welding process welded spiral seam steel pipe. (1) raw materials that strip, wire, flux. We must go through rigorous physical and chemical testing before it is put. (2) strip head ...
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  • Steel Pipe for Piling

    Steel Pipe for Piling

    Piling pipe is also known as pipe, welded steel pipe made of steel sheet or strip after curl after forming divided into Longitudinal and spiral welded pipe; the welding process is divided into stove pipe, welded pipe and automatic arc welded pipe, pipe materials and for different purposes is divi...
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  • Steel Industry is Moving towards a New Era

    Steel Industry is Moving towards a New Era

    At present, the global steel industry is moving towards a new historical period, China’s steel consumption has begun to enter the stage of reduction. All along, China’s iron and steel industry to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s decis...
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  • Pipe phosphate process

    Pipe phosphate process

    Thermal phosphoric acid process uses yellow phosphorus as raw materials with electrothermal production, made ​​of phosphoric acid with content of 85% by Combustion water. Thermal phosphoric acid production process with a heat recovery unit, usually two-step method, ie the combustion of phosphorus...
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  • Process notes of lsaw steel pipe

    Process notes of lsaw steel pipe

    Process notes of lsaw steel pipe: (1) Longitudinal volume of raw materials ie steel, wire, flux. Go through rigorous physical and chemical testing before it is put. (2) Strip head and tail docking, a single wire or twin-wire submerged arc welding, in the rolled back using automatic submerged arc ...
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  • Piping and Plumbing Fitting

    Piping and Plumbing Fitting

    A fitting is used in pipe systems to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, adapt to different sizes or shapes and for other purposes, such as regulating {or measuring) fluid flow. “Plumbing” is generally used to describe the conveyance of water, gas, or liquid waste in domestic or...
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