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  • Advantage of ms pipe and DSAW Steel Pipe

    Advantage of ms pipe and DSAW Steel Pipe

    (1)Advantage of ms pip Ms pipe annealing organization ferrite and pearlite, lower its strength and hardness, ductility and toughness. Therefore, it can be a good cold formability curling, bending, stamping and other methods of cold forming. This steel has a good weldability. Low carbon content ...
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  • Advantage of erw pipe

    Advantage of erw pipe

    High-frequency welded pipe (ERW) is hot-rolled coil by forming machines, the use of high-frequency current to the skin effect and proximity effect, so that the tube edge carn heat and melt in the role of the squeeze rollers under pressure welding production. high frequency resistance welding meth...
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  • A513-100 Standard Specification for ERW Carbon Steel

    A513-100 Standard Specification for ERW Carbon Steel

     A513-100 Standard Specification for ERW Carbon Steel The steel may be made by any process If a specific type of melting is required by the purchaser, it shall be as stated on the purchase order. The primary melting may incorporate separate degassing or refining, and may be followed by secondary ...
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    NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING METHODS An NDT method is classified according to its underlying physical principle. For example, the common methods are: • Visual and optical testing (VT) • Radiographic testing (RT) • Ultrasonic testing (UT) • Liquid penetrant testing (PT) • Magnetic particle testing (MT) ...
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  • What is an ERW steel pipe

    What is an ERW steel pipe

    A pipe formed by Electric Resistance Welding or ERW having one vertical seam without addition of any metal is called ERW pipes or tubes. It can be available in varied diameters and wall thickness. The sizes of pipes ERW pipes can range from 2 3/8 inch to 24 inch outer diameter and length can be o...
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  • Cast Iron Pipe

    Cast Iron Pipe

    Cast iron pipe form tubes with cast iron casting. The cast iron pipe is used for water supply, drainage and gas pipelines, which includes a cast iron pipe and fittings. Labor intensity. Accoring to casting methods, it is divided into continuous cast iron pipes and centrifugal cast iron pipe, incl...
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  • Seamless pipe vs Welded pipe

    Seamless pipe vs Welded pipe

    Difference seamless pipe and welded pipe Concentricity: seamless pipe manufacturing process is at a temperature of 2200 ° F in a stainless steel billet punching out a hole in this high temperature tool steel by stamping and drawing becomes soft and spirally from the Kong Zhongcheng shaped out. Su...
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  • Oil paint

    Oil paint

    Oil paint uses the drying oil as the main film coating material for a class, mainly edible vegetable oil, paste paint, oil blending paint, rust and oil putty, putty and so on. The disadvantage is slow drying, poor physical and chemical properties of the coating, now mostly been replaced by the ex...
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  • Large diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipe

    Large diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipe

    Large diameter steel pipe often refers to the out diameter with more than 1000mm. large diameter steel pipe use is generally more widely, generally used for large-scale pipeline projects, water gas engineering, pipe network construction of large projects. Large diameter steel pipe production proc...
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