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  • Casing tube

    Casing tube

    Heat treatment technology of oil casing Oil casing is a pipeline used for transportation oil or other raw materials, which has a good performance in use, users get the praise and love. Heating of the oil casing need to follow a certain temperature production, use of different temperature control ...
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  • LSAW Pipe Welding Quality Control Measures

    LSAW Pipe Welding Quality Control Measures

    Large Diameter LSAW pipe wall thickness with its big, good material, process stability, becoming the first choice for large domestic and foreign oil and gas pipe project. In the large-straight seam submerged arc welded pipe welded joints, weld and heat affected zone is most likely to produce a va...
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  • ISO MANUAL for LSAW steel pipe

    ISO MANUAL for LSAW steel pipe

    Quality management system for LSAW steel pipe 4.1General requirement Our company shall establish, implement and maintain a QMS and continually improve its effectiveness in accordance with API spec Q1 7th edition and ISO 9001-2000 standards, to control processes and provide the satisfied product a...
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  • Fluid pipes

    Fluid pipes

    Fluid pipes is a hollow cross section, no welded joint from start to finish. Steel tube with a hollow cross-section, for a large number of pipe conveying fluid pipeline to transport oil, natural gas, coal gas, water and some solid materials. Compared to solid steel such as steel pipes and round s...
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  • Ferritic stainless wrinkle control

    Ferritic stainless wrinkle control

    Place in the strip rolling direction, wrinkling is ferritic stainless steel in the molding process should Variable A surface defect is easy to produce larger Indicates a narrow stripe projection, namely the surface wrinkles. It can reduce the wrinkling by controlling the production process: incre...
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  • ERW pipe

    ERW pipe

    ERW BLACK STEEL PIPE ERW black steel pipes are made from premium quality steel. Our comprehensive range of ERW Black Steel Pipes complies with various International Standards, such as: IS: 1239/ IS: 3589/ IS: 1161. Moreover, our ERW Black Steel Pipes are available in various sizes, shapes and spe...
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  • Oil spiral welded pipe

    Oil spiral welded pipe

    Oil spiral welded pipe does not belong to the general metallurgical products, but in the seamless pipe, bars or plates on the basis of after deep processing (pressure processing, welding, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.), actually belong to mechanical product areas. In order to...
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  • LSAW and galvanized steel pipe welding process

    LSAW and galvanized steel pipe welding process

    In pipeline construction, oil pipeline and gas pipeline is transported toward the large diameter high pressure and the development of submarine pipeline thick direction more and more pipelines require the use of LSAW steel pipe. With the introduction of of several large-seam submerged arc welded ...
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  • Large diameter square tube defects

    Large diameter square tube defects

    Many large diameter square tube defects are caused by the perforation in square and rectangular tube, so the mass production of large diameter power process is the key process square tube. Perforation main difficulty lies in the low alloy high performance perforation, when necessary in order to e...
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